Haiku Elementals

I wrote these last week.  I saw the word ‘snow’ and decided to go …..woah (wrong poem!)  I saw the word snow and thought I’d do a Haiku about it.  You would think I’d had enough of snow, having moaned on about it when it was here wouldn’t you?  Anyway,  the words  to the James Taylor song ‘Fire and Rain’

‘I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain, I’ve seen sunny days I thought would never end…..’

went around in my mind and I thought I would try to a Haiku about all four weather elements so:-


Descend soft snowflake

And sleep the sleep of angels

Melting in the night


Welcome bright stranger

A fleeing shadow hovers –

Stands in dumb salute


The gust that chatters

Whispers “come and join our dance”

We have a short time


Relentless droplets

Dancing in a rainbow hue

Becoming oceans

©L. M. Roberts 2010

 The lyrics to Fire and Rain are here

Even better hear it and weep  (in a good way)

windswept tree image from here

10 Responses to “Haiku Elementals”

  1. Excellent images and haiku to go with them.

  2. Thanks slpmartin! I enjoyed doing those – wasn’t sure about including the images, but glad I did now! Your comments are always appreciated.

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  4. I love Fire and Rain! I’ve been able to see James Taylor in concert a few times. My favorite song of his is “In My Mind I’m Going To Carolina” Used to “live down south” as we call it where I’m from. Sentimental lyrics. Anyhow, “Relentless droplets / Dancing in a rainbow hue / Becoming oceans” Emotionally storming haiku. Wonderful

  5. Wow thanks a lot for the compliment Dustus! You are so lucky seeing James Taylor! His voice has a wonderful quality to it. I never really got into him, but I saw him on TV last year and was struck by his gorgeous voice – so full of emotion. How I missed this years ago, I don’t know, probably too busy listening to Hendrix lol. Thanks for commenting Dustus – always appreciated

  6. […] Talking of pen and ink – heres my latest Haiku – called ‘elementals’, nice video at the end! […]

  7. Hi, love the photos and the haiku. Makes a very nice word/image essay. grins

  8. Thanks 47whitebuffalo! Wasn’t too sure about putting images in, bit of a habit in my ‘echostains blog’. Glad it works. Thanks very much for visiting – appreciated!

  9. The name echostains comes from a personal art project I did years ago and am still continuing (though in a different form) The ‘stain’ is the painting or image and the ‘echo’ is the way it communicates to the viewer – therefore an exchange. The process is still going on, only now its through words and more direct than abstract. So I have echostains for art, design, weird wacky, dead bodies and other assorted bits and bookstains which is more word orientated.
    Thanks for commenting 47whitebuffalo – that’s quite a name you have there yourself lol!

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