‘Authors I’ve read – Sarah Waters’





Tipping the velvet by Sarah Waters Victorian Music Hall tale

I am a huge fan of the writer Sarah Waters.   When the BBC series ‘Tipping the Velvet’ first appeared on our screens, I rushed out and got the book.  I was not disappointed!  The next book ‘The Fingersmith’ is a real twisty adventure ingeniously plotted (extremely far-fetched) but so clever – I found myself applauding! 

The fingersmith - powerful

‘Affinity’ set in a women’s prison in the Victorian era is very atmospheric and has an over all strangeness and darkness to it.  Prison and seances make for a chilling combination.  This was also televised, and was I thought,  a very decent translation of the book. 

affinity - eerie

The Nightwatch was the only book which I didn’t like.  This one is set in war-time Britain.  All Waters books feature same  sex relationships.  But they are not at the cost of the story (though obviously important to the plot). Although I finished Nightwatch   I didn’t enjoy it as much as the others. – though that may also be down to it being set in the war time era.  However, I really am looking forward to watching Nightwatch the  90 minute period drama which will be shown on BBC Two  12th July 2011  as I’ve greatly enjoyed all the other ones.  Wonderfully gifted writer as she is, I do feel that Waters work translates really well to screen too.

The Little Stranger by Sarah Walters - a real page turner

Now  ‘The Little Stranger’ is completely different again.  It’s a ghost story (of sorts) and there’s a real shut in feel to the old house that holds you a prisoner in there amidst its secrets.  I liked this book very much even though……………… well, you will have to read the book, but I promise it shall be worth it. 

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2 thoughts on “‘Authors I’ve read – Sarah Waters’

  1. I didn’t realise that Tipping the Velvet was one of Sarah Waters’ books. I really enjoyed the BBC series which was so erotic. I thought at the time it was adventurous of them to dramatise it. I have been trying to get her books from the library but there is a long waiting list. I will try and get a secondhand copy of Affinity from Amazon.

  2. I suppose it was a bit daring of the BBC! Affinity is out on DVD and ‘The Fingersmith’. All her books are great reads. By the way Ann, glad you got in touch. When I click your blog I get a blank page – don’t know if you are aware of this? I tried typing Afterretirement into google too and nothing came up there either – yet I have been on your blog. You may need to get in touch with wordpress

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