‘Titus Groan – Fuchsia


fuschia - very nearly beautiful

I’m speeding on with my re reading of Titus Groan.  I’m now on page 110.  Steerpike has escaped the locked room and is now on the roof of the castle, Lord Titus has fallen from the book of Law onto the floor with no injury and Flay has struck Swelter around the face with his chain of office!  Oer – getting exciting isn’t it.  Unfortunately my writing is not keeping pace with my reading.  I shall still be writing my observations when I’ve finished this book  and I’m on to Gormenghast!  But I am getting ahead of myself here.  On my way to page 110, I have met more characters – and these shall be covered.   Now where was I up to?  Ah yes, Fuchsia Groan, the daughter of Gormenghast;-

“As his lordship stared at the doctor another figure appeared, a girl of about fifteen with long, rather wild black hair.  She was gauche of movement and in a sense, ugly of face, but with how small a twist might she not suddenly become beautiful.  Her sullen mouth was full and rich – her eyes smouldered.

A yellow scarf hung loosely around her neck.  Her shapeless dress was a flaming red.

For all the straightness of her back she walked with a slouch.”

This is our first encounter with Lady Fuchsia and already Peake has whetted our appetite for more information about this strange-looking girl.  Will her personality match up to her appearance?  Peake does not disappoint;-

“Oh here and there father,” she said staring at her shoes………………

“Here and there?” echoed her father in a weary voice.  “What does ‘here and there’ mean?”………..

“N the libr’y and ‘n the armoury, n’ walking about a lot,” said Lady Fuchsia and her eyes narrowed.  “I just heard silly rumours about mother.  They said that I’ve got a brother – idiots! idiots!  I hate them.  I haven’t. have I?  Have I?”

Impetuous highly strung Fuchsia.  She feels so passionately about things.  The idea of not being an only child seems terrible to her, and yet she is lonely.  At fifteen, you would expect her to take the news – a bit better.  It’s not as if she is spoilt by her parents.  The relationship with her mother is almost non existant.  The one with her father only develops slightly closer and is tinged with tragedy…….  The chapter about her room provides further information about this lonely girl.

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